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Areas of Practice

Will and Estate Planning Services

  • Review of Will and Estate Assets to ascertain if probate is necessary
  • Obtaining Probate
  • Passing of Accounts
  • Estate and Tax Planning including counsel and advice in dealing with challenging family circumstances and assets located in different jurisdictions
  • Creating Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills to guide Attorneys for Personal Care Decisions
  • Establishing Family Trusts and other Trusts for special circumstances
  • Probate and Estate services

Incorporation Services

  • Corporate Services
  • Incorporations and Amalgamations
  • Minute Book Management
  • Contracts
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Share Purchases and Asset Purchases
  • Buying and Selling Businesses
  • Corporate finances including:
    • Loan Agreements
    • Debentures
    • General Security Agreements
    • Corporate and Personal Guarantees
    • Subordination Agreements
  • Corporate Support
  • Lease review

Real Estate Services - Residential and Commercial Properties

  • Purchase and Sale of:
    • Residential Freehold Properties
    • Condominium Properties
    • Recreational Properties
    • Vacant Land
    • Commercial Properties
  • Preparation of Agreements of Purchase and Sale
  • Review of Condominium Documents
  • Mortgages and Refinances
  • Secured Lines of Credit and Debt Consolidation Financing
  • Title Insurance for Existing Ownership of Real Properties
  • Discharges of Mortgages
  • Mortgage Discharge Statement Preparation

Charities and Not-For-Profits Services

  • Advice re Structure and Compliance
  • Establishing and Amending By-Laws
  • Annual and Special Meetings
  • Applications for Charitable Status

Trade marks

Arts and Entertainment agreements and structure

  • Publishing Agreements
  • Recording Agreements
  • Management Contracts
  • Deal memos
  • Copyright and moral rights issues
  • Contract matters
  • Internet contracts and related matters